Contributed Talks and Posters


Deadline: February 20, 2018

Acceptance Notification: April 2, 2018


Abstract submissions for contributed talks and posters are now open! Templates are available below.

Contributed talks will consist of 20 minute presentation with 5 minutes for discussion placed in parallel sessions of current interest and importance in Mathematical and Theoretical Biology and its applications.

The Poster + Welcome drinks sessions will provide excellent opportunities for a wide participation and discussion and there will be prizes for the best posters.

Note submission and presentation of oral communication is limited to one per participant, although a participant may be a co-author of other communications.

Submission Guidelines for abstracts (contributed talks and posters):

Please use your personal area* for abstract submission and remember to comply with the submission deadline.

  • Using the available template, the abstract should be written in English. Your title should not be longer than 100 characters (do not use capital letters along the title, only when needed), followed by the name, e-mail and affiliation(s) of the speaker and by the co-author(s). Keep your abstract short, no longer than 500 words.

When preparing your abstract for submission, please use the latex class ecmtb2018CT.cls for contributed talks and ecmtb2018P.cls for posters (do not change these files) and fill in the respective template Abstract_Contributed_ECMTB18.tex and Abstract_Poster_ECMTB18.tex. Put both files (.cls + .tex) in the same folder and compile the tex with pdflatex. If there are no errors,  upload ONLY the tex file in your personal area, indicating your preferred type of presentation and save. Label file with CT- or P- followed by your first and last name: “CT-firstlastnameofspeaker.tex or P-firstlastnameofspresenter.tex”.

In case you have any difficulties with Latex, you could use the help of a colleague in your institution or, if necessary, the help of our colleague Fabio Chalub, In case you are not able to use the tex file at all, you can send, for submission purposes, a provisional word or odt file with the same content, trying to roughly approximate the same format (see files Abstract_Contributed_ECMTB18.pdf or Abstract_Poster_ECMTB18.pdf). If the abstract is accepted, the provisional file must be later replaced by a tex file to be used in the preparation of the Book of Abstracts.



* Note that the introduction of the names of the author and possible co-authors in the abstract submission area can be done automatically by searching for the participants who are already registered for the conference. If some of your co-author is not yet registered in our platform, a “new author” must be created in the abstract submission area. Co-authors who are not attending the conference do not need to be included in the submission system.



Download here the template for your abstract preparation