Mentoring Programme

The ECMTB 2018 Organizing Committee is setting up a Mentorship Program to facilitate research and career interactions between junior and senior scientists attending the meeting. Participants of ECMTB 2018 can sign up to be part of the mentorship program, either as a mentee, a mentor, or both. Junior scientists can request to be mentored by a senior scientist, and senior scientists can offer themselves as mentors. Junior scientists include students, post-doctoral fellows, research assistants and newly appointed faculty members. Senior scientists include postdoctoral fellows, research assistants, established faculty members.

The following types of interactions between mentors and mentees are encouraged:

  • mentors and mentees have a lunch (or dinner) together to discuss the mentees’ scientific interests and educational plan and/or career aims;
  • mentors share their career experience with their mentees;
  • mentors attend the (poster or lecture) presentation of the mentee and provide constructive feedback;
  • mentors introduce mentees to their colleagues to help the mentee establish a professional network.

Typically, the mentor initiates these activities. However, we encourage mentees to also prepare for their participation, with specific questions and goals they would like to achieve at the conference.

If you wish to participate in the Mentorship Program at ECMTB 2018, please fill in the REGISTRATION FORM  no later than May 10th, 2018.  Ahead of the meeting, we will inform both mentor and mentee on the pairing made to match their interests.

If you have any doubts about the Mentorship Program, please email